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1-Click Backtester
- Instantly backtest and analyze the most popular indicators with our simple to use drag and drop strategy builder.

- Stack the probability in your favor by using our "And" feature to combine multiple conditions together.

- Available Conditions & Indicators for Instant Backtesting: RSI, MACD, Stochastic, ADX, DMI, Moving Average, PayDay Cycle (using the Heikin Ashi Chart) and Moving Average Crossovers.
See Results, Instantly!
- As soon as you load up an indicator you'll instantly be shown a beautiful results panel showing you the most important metrics about your strategy.

- Discover your strategies Batting Average, Risk Reward, Trades Per Year, Average Gain, Average Loss, Average Days.

- Use the results of your strategy to make data driven decisions.
Get Daily Notifications
- Stay up-to-date with with your strategies, entries and exits with custom notifications right to your inbox.

- You''ll get a daily email notification for all strategies you follow.

- View your custom dashboard updated in real time showing you a table view of all your followed strategies.

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Renowned Stock and Options University
Here are two of our most popular premium courses...
PayDay Cycle Course
This 6 module course is designed to help traders create breakthrough results in their trading by leveraging the PayDay Cycle method. PayDay Cycles are naturally occurring 4 to 8 day trends in a stock that make for the perfect swing trade.

Available as a premium add on
Options Course
Rated the #1 Options Course at WallStreet.io, this series of 21 videos shows you exactly how to trade and adjust a matrix of bullish, bearish and neutral option trades. This is our Flagship Options Program and is perfect for Beginner to advanced traders.

Available as a premium add on
- Get access to our alumni group of traders and live trading forum and chat room.

- Crowd Sourced Strategies - We take the best strategies backtested from our community and make them available to everyone via our Discover feature.

- All members can Discover and follow top strategies that other members invented in a single click.

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Daily Live Coaching Shows

Mondays at 2 PM EST - These MeetUps cover the FANG stocks and market indexes to look for trading opportunities. We also cover requested stocks of the day. These are perfect for beginning to advanced trading looking for an edge with technical analysis.

Included in Monthly Membership!

Monday through Friday at 9:15 AM EST -  During this Day Trading show our host, Slawek will show you how he day trades live in front of the group. Slawek has developed a unique set of day trading strategies he uses to successfully trade stocks everyday.

Included in Monthly Membership!

Thursday at 2pm EST - Get a walk through a top down look at the market indexes, the VIX and any important news headlines that could be impacting market direction. Jake, our host, is a market veteran with extensive knowledge of capital markets and income trading.

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Tuesday at 4 PM EST - Join our live Q & A with NickG. Every Tuesday he will walk new members through the best features to use to get started. You’ll love these sessions because Nick goes the extra mile to show members the “why” behind the success of our platform and certain strategies.

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